Memorials & Monuments

Large Memorial Plaques
These large collective plaques can be used to memorialize while saving valuable wall space.

Clarus Crystal designs and creates breathtaking glass monuments. Our lighted high-resolution crystal products memorialize and commemorate with stunning elegance. Their refinement and beauty attract, captivate, and inspire viewers.

Etched crystal is a timeless medium. Its classic appearance will always remain “in-style” and its beauty endures with age.

Our glass monument products are custom-designed and tailored to your unique specifications and architectural requirements.

Clarus Crystal can support monument projects of all sizes -- from single plaques to large, monument systems that are designed to evolve and expand as names are added. Please contact us to discuss your project today!

Non-Lit Memorial Plaque
- This is an examle of a non-lit plaque. The front side of the crystal panel hase been engraved and painted. The back side of the crystal panel has been frosted white for higher contrast.

Large Individual Memorials & Tributes
We can create larger plaques that can be used to pay tribute or memorialize those who may be particularly important or significant.


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