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Address Plaque Lighted Crystal Sign, Available in 3 colors and two fonts, MEASURES 7.25" X 12"

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        • After your purchase, our friendly, U.S. based representatives will send you a design layout for your approval.
        • Your address / Home number will be carved into the crystal and ILLUMINATED!
        • Made from crystal with finely polished edges - MEASURES 7.25" HIGH X 12" WIDE
        • Three finishes are available - SILVER, BRONZE and BLACK

        Introducing our Lighted Crystal Sign, a stunning and customizable home number sign that combines elegance with functionality. This address marker is meticulously crafted from crystal, featuring finely polished edges and measuring 7.25" in height and 12" in width.

        With our LED lighted and engraved crystal address plaque, your home number will be carved into the crystal and beautifully illuminated. The weatherproof design ensures durability in any condition, making it suitable for outdoor use. Choose from three exquisite finishes: SILVER, BRONZE, and BLACK, to perfectly complement your home's aesthetic.

        When you make a purchase, our friendly and knowledgeable representatives, based in the United States, will provide you with a design layout for your approval. This ensures that you receive a personalized and tailored product that meets your preferences.

        We take pride in using the highest-quality materials for our lighted plaques. The crystal panel is deep etched, reaching a remarkable 1/4" depth in some cases, and boasts flawlessly polished edges. To enhance the visual appeal, an LED light bar is attached to the top of the plaque, creating a captivating illumination effect.

        Included with your purchase are the weatherproof LED lights, power supply, and mounting hardware, all of which are of exceptional quality. The mounting hardware features steel construction with a coated finish and utilizes high-quality stand-offs to hold the crystal panel off the wall. This design allows the crystal's edges to be exposed, showcasing its jewel-like qualities.

        Not only do our engraved glass address plaques provide simplistic beauty, but they also offer practicality and durability. These unique address signs are easy to read and built to last. They make a wonderful addition to your patio decor and serve as an excellent housewarming gift. Furthermore, they can be used as general signs, allowing you to display custom messages of your choice.

        Our address plaque can prominently display your address and street name or solely showcase your street address numbers, allowing for larger and more visible digits. The LED lights are powered by a 12 Volt DC system, and we provide a wall plaque to supply the necessary power.

        Our Address Plaque Lighted Crystal Sign combines exceptional craftsmanship, elegant design, and practical functionality. With its illuminated engraved address, superior materials, and unique features, this product will add a touch of sophistication to your home while ensuring your address is easily visible day and night. Experience the beauty and quality of our crystal address sign today.

        In addition to its numerous benefits, our address plaque also offers easy installation, making it a hassle-free process for you. We include well-written instructions that guide you through each step, ensuring a seamless and straightforward installation experience. Even if you encounter any difficulties or have questions along the way, our team is here to assist you.

        We take pride in providing excellent customer service, including technical support. If you need any assistance during the installation or have any inquiries about our address plaques, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to help you with any concerns you may have.

        At every stage of the process, from ordering to installation, we strive to make it as effortless as possible, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of our address plaques without any unnecessary hassle.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 77 reviews Write a review